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A Health & Well-Being App for Your Relationship

CoupleWise takes the best practices of over 50 years of couples counseling & research, the wisdom of other experienced couples, and advanced technology to create a unique online and mobile app.

Clarify Your Needs

What do you & your mate need to be happy? We not only clarify those needs, but we help you meet them and then we teach you how to communicate your needs in a stress‑free way.

Motivate My Partner

Our app has a way to help motivate your partner to join in and work on your relationship together.

Couples Journey

Based on your feedback, CoupleWise builds a road map of learning, actions & rewards designed to put you on the path to a relationship that meets your deepest needs.

Why is CoupleWise better than other solutions?

CoupleWise is different. We don’t just give advice, we evaluate your needs then help you develop the skills & behaviors that lead to long-lasting, satisfying relationships.

Our founding psychologist, Dr. Gary Krane Ph.D. has spent the last 10 years researching & designing the content and technology tools in our application to bring you innovations that allow you to work on your relationship when you are ready with real benefits. Click here to read more about the benefits...

CoupleWise solutions

Why is CoupleWise Effective?

The reasons at the core of many couples’ dissatisfaction often come down to:

  Unmet needs that were not understood or properly communicated  

  A learned behavior that is detrimental to the relationship  

Advice sites, and self-help products do not work well because advice alone doesn’t change behavior. With our process, tools and content we help promote and develop the skills & behaviors that lead to long-lasting, satisfying relationships.

Effective 1

We evaluate your needs based on your satisfaction levels to our more than 20 questions – all scientifically proven predictors of long-lasting relationships.

Effective 2

Really satisfied? Move the slider closer to 100%. Really dissatisfied? Move the slider down towards 0%. Separately, we do the same for your mate.

Effective 3

Then, based on your responses to these and other questions based on personal preferences, a custom Couples Journey is built for your relationship to help you develop the skills & habits that drive the positive change you desire.

Powerful, science-based tools like these:

Science 1

Make Agreements

It’s easier than ever to create a fair agreement with our suggested solutions, and we make them easier to stick to by sending you daily reminders & encouragement.

Science 2

Resolve & Connect

This video-based training tool teaches the skills you need to replace arguing with empathy-based listening and conflict resolution skills. Short quizzes reinforce the information, and when you finish a task you can claim a reward… the bigger the task, the better the reward!

Science 3

Nudges & Rewards

Nudges & Rewards are integrated into everything you do to keep you motivated & encouraged throughout the process. And we allow you to determine the rewards you receive.

What our couples, leading Marriage Therapists & Researchers say

Although we’re continually rolling out new features and functions, CoupleWise has been put to the test by thousands of couples since 2010.

Lisa, Marriage Therapist
(San Jose, Ca.)

CoupleWise is a fantastic tool for anyone in a relationship. It opened the lines of communication between my husband and myself, it was quick and easy to use, and in minutes helped us create solutions that really worked.


With the e-mail reminders showing each other's action agreements and satisfaction levels, we’ve already started to make noticeable changes. I feel more free to tell her exactly how I feel.

Karyn, PhD Psychologist
(New York City)

CoupleWise gave us real direction as to where to place our efforts to create real change and improvement in our relationship. The tool proves that the Internet is an excellent vehicle for therapeutic intervention.

Tablet application

These are some of the tools we’ve developed

CoupleWise is a groundbreaking app combining the best practices of couples counseling & research, the wisdom of other couples, and advanced technology. Give us 30 minutes and see what others already know: Wise couples love CoupleWise. Get started today.

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