The first use of the Internet we have seen that shows real promise for helping vast numbers of couples from the privacy of their own home

Dr. Charles D. Schmitz and Dr. Elizabeth A. Schmitz
America's #1 Love and Marriage Experts, authors of Golden Anniversaries and Building a Love that Lasts

We are the best most cost effective relationship help you will find to do the following for you:

Tools and exercises that combine wisdom from the best experts and the wisest couples with cutting edge technology to help you and your partner:

  • Put lots more fun and play into your busy lives without needing to schedule it!
  • Discover precisely what your partner really needs or wants to be happy and content in the relationship
  • Understand how best to meet each other’s most important needs
  • Talk constructively, without blame and criticism about your unmet needs
  • Stop arguing and replace arguing with empathy, compassionate listening and win-win problem solving
  • Motivate your partner to strengthen your relationship
  • Create much more satisfying sex, affection, and physical intimacy*
  • Make and keep agreements that are mutually satisfying
  • Learn the roots of each other’s triggers—know each other much more deeply
  • Appreciate and celebrate your relationship’s strengths

Comming Soon:

These tools will be coming soon, but will be free in perpetuity to our original couple founders--to those who join us by ThanksGiving, 2015. People joining afterwards will be charged at least $9.95/mo more.

  • Make it much easier to bring up and constructively discuss scary truths, even infidelity
  • Find or create couple support groups in your neighborhood or around your issue

Completely private and confidential!

90% of hundreds of users report CoupleWise improved their relationship after the first 30-40 min session

The easiest and most affordable way to learn or strengthen the skills and insights you need to revitalize your relationship

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What do each of us really need to be happy in the relationship?

What is important for you in your relationship? Our Exclusive Clarify Your Needs tool helps you each assess the things you need to be happy — and communicate them to each other in a stress-free way.


Motivate My Partner

Our Motivate My Partner tool does just that by crowdsourcing the wisdom of not just the smartest therapists, but also the wisest mates who've been in your shoes, who share what's worked for them. Best rated solutions rise to the top.


Make Agreements

Our Make Agreements tool makes it easier than ever for the two of you to create an agreement that is observable and hence more easily enforceable and gives you the reminders you need to keep them. Make Agreements also crowdsources the best agreements from the smartest couples that have worked for them to meet each others' needs.


Resolve and Connect

Our Resolve and Connect tool gives couples the skills they need to replace arguing with empathic listening and need-based conflict resolution skills. It does this using video modeling, role-playing, and interactive quizzes. Learn at your own pace.


Spice up your routine

Our Play & Fun tool solves the problem of how busy couples can have more fun by crowdsourcing the most fun, creative,yet also free and easy ways you can make what you already do each day much more fun: giving you 333 office games, dinner games,waking up and going to bed games, shopping games, in the car games, coming home games, chore games etc

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